STEp #1

Safe Church Manual

For Step #1 you are asked to read through Gateway's Safe Church Manual carefully so that you have an understanding of Gateway's safe church policies and procedures. When you believe you have a good understanding, please proceed to Step #2. 

Click below to read: 


step #2

Safe Church Quiz

Now that you have read Gateway's Safe Church Manual, for Step #2 you are asked to take the following Safe Church Quiz.  You will need to receive 85% or higher. 


Criminal Record check

The final step is the Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check.  As a volunteer for Gateway, this is a free online process.  On occasion, at random, people will be asked to visit to local RCMP office and do the process manually. Gateway will reimburse you for the cost. 

You will need the following access code: LRXPRE92GB  (cut and past)