Mexico ORPHANAGE Outreach

March 15 – March 25, 2018

Team Leaders: Matt deVille, Karla Kornelius, Henri Hoekstra, Dave Beltrame, Doug Bowman, Pastor Marcel
Youth Team: Janae deRegt, Jake Stobbe, Aaron VanBelle, Kylee Griffioen, Kylah Tuin, Aiden deRegt, Zac Mienen, Josh Draaistra, Elese Hoekstra, Dan Draaistra, Sydney Kornelius, Jacob Beltrame, Chloe Maarhuis,Spencer Langelaar, Lauren Bowman
Student Ministries
Thursday’s at 7:00! 
Student Ministries is a program for students entering grade 8 thru grade 12.  We meet every Thursday night from 7:30 – 9:30 pm.
All students who participate in the program will be placed in mentorship groups for study and outings. This year we are going to tackle some of the big issues of life as we walk through the ALPHA: Youth Series.  Check out the video…

27: Kick-Off Night
4: Life: Is This It
11: Church Activities
18: Jesus: Who Is He
25: Mentorship Week
1: Cross: Why Did Jesus Die
8: Church Activity
15: Faith: How Can I Have It
22: Mentorship Night
29: Citywide Youth Service @ Gateway CRC 
6: Prayer: Why and How
9: Mexico Babysit event
13: Christmas Social
18: Church-wide Christmas Party
20: no youth
21: Snowball at Trinity
3: No youth
5: Bottle Drive – Mexico Fundraiser 
10: Bible:How to Read
17: Games Activities
24: Healing: Does God Heal
31: Mentorship Week
1-3 Holy Spirit Retreat Weekend
7: Telling Others: How and Why
9: Mexico Auction
14: Church Activities 
15: Church: What About It
21: Mentorship Week
28: Missions Night
7: Youth Vs Council
15-23: Mission Trip: Baja California, Mexico
28: Mentorship Week
4: Reformed: What It Means
11: Games Activities
18: Reformed: What It Means
25: Youth/GEMS/Cadet Night
2: Reformed: What it Means
9: Games Activities
16: Mentorship Night
23: Reformed: Why it Matters
30: Missions Opportunity
6: Final night
Summer 2019
A variety of summer fun! 
What is Games Activities: 
This will always start out at the church and your Youth Leadership Team and Leaders will plan a night of fun, energetic games either at the church or elsewhere. Starts at 7:30 from the church.
What is Mentorship Week:
When you attend youth, you will be placed in a mentorship group. Mentorship weeks are weeks where you will do something specifically with your Mentor Leaders – either meeting at Starbucks for drinks, going to Escape rooms etc.  
What will a typical Study night look like:
  • 7:30- 7:45: Arrive, mingle and eat. Why not play a game of pool or foozeball in our games room while eating a variety of delicious snack foods. 
  • 7:45-8:15: Group Game
  • 8:20-9:00:Video Teaching/Group discussion
  • 9:00-9:15: Mentorship Group Discussion
  • 9:15-9:30: Games and wrap up
youth leader
If you are interested in joining our Youth leadership team contact Pastor Marcel at
Mentor Leaders
  • Matt Delville
  • Tamara Arends
  • Geraldine Weijdeman
  • Nathan Gorter
  • Karla Kornelius
  • Rich VanderWal