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Tuesday, September 18 @ 7:30 in the Chapel

Who needs to be here? If you Volunteer for:
  • Nursery
  • Kids Church
  • Cadets
  • GEMS
  • Youth 
  • Seniors 
  • Coffee Break
  • Friendship
  • Ushers
Fire Safety Plan:
The Board of Stewards will be sharing with us our Fire Safety Plan, exit protocols, designated meeting area’s and more.
Safe Church
Some significant changes have been made to our Safe Church policy that you need to know. Pastor Marcel will go over the changes to the policy.
How to get reimbursed
You spend money out of pocket for ministries and you want to get paid back, correct? We will go over the proper system on how to fill out our reimbursement forms. .
What is Fusion? How does it work? Pastor Marcel will give an brief explanation on how FUSION is going bring a collaborative approach to Youth and children’s Ministry at Gateway. 
Process and more
The staff will explain how the process works for use of additional rooms, external rentals, due dates for bulletin announcements, website up dates for your ministries and more.
There will be delicious dessert for us to enjoy!  Now your interested…..