Sharing The Gospel!

Live Streaming
On April 1, 2018 our Sunday morning services will be available online via ‘live stream’.  The live stream will automatically start at approximately 9:55 and run until 11:45 am. A countdown timer will indicate when the live stream will begin. 
As Council and staff of Gateway CCRC, we pray that you will be blessed and encouraged as you watch our service. In preparation for our Live Stream, we would like to make you aware of a few things. 
First, Why Live Stream our services? 

When looking at live streaming Gateway’s services we need to ask the “why’ question.  Simon Sinek, author and speaker, states that organizations need to first ask ‘why’ and once that is answered the ‘how’ and ‘what’ will fall into place.

To help us understand the “Why should we live stream our church services?” Here are 9 reasons. Perhaps not an exhaustive list but it provides a good springboard for possibilities:

To show potential new members—those who visit our church website want to find out what our church is all about. Being a Reformed Church our worship services are a focal point of all our ministry – the community of believers bringing honor and glory to God. If people want to check out Gateway via our website then allowing them to ‘sit in’ on a service would be beneficial.  (Fact: Young married couples, ages 24 to 34, who have recently moved into a town, will watch a live streamed church service an average of six times before stepping foot in the church building.)
To share important moments such as baptisms and funerals held at Gateway. In the past few years people have asked if we can live stream baptism and funerals so family who do not live close can watch.
To provide an alternative, not a replacement, for those who have odd work schedules or who travel frequently for work and/or play.
To provide a means to ‘attend’ worship for those who can’t make it to church due to illness in the family or being infirmed.
For the elderly who can’t leave home (shut-ins), those hospitalized or those living in an assisted living environment.
For special events, music concerts, rentals (out-of-town grandma wants to see granddaughter in the school program). To live stream will be an additional cost to our rental contracts.
For Classis BCSE and other denominational events held at Gateway. This would be a great tool to allow CRC members to watch and become informed about what is happening at Classis BCSE.
To live stream our services across to the globe allowing our missionaries to access our worship services
As outreach… to fulfill the Great Commission (Acts 1:8).


Second, What about privacy? 

Here are a few ways to respect members’ privacy while live streaming:

Raise awareness. While there is generally no reasonable expectation of privacy in a worship service that is open to the public, Gateway is giving over a months notice to members that we are going to begin live streaming our services – this way, members can determine the amount of information they’re comfortable providing if, say, they want to make a prayer request or share a health update regarding a fellow member of the congregation. We will accomplish “Awareness” through signs and/or notices in the church’s bulletin, newsletter, pre-service slides, electronic newsletter and other communications.

Create “no video” zones. We have designate specific places or areas within the auditorium where video does not reach so members who don’t want to appear on video can comfortably gather there. For example, we will no live stream for those that sit under the balcony.

Get permission. We will exercise particular care with minors. We will do our best to avoid putting their names and images on the live stream. For children’s message we will zoom in closer to the speaker or only have the audio and no video during that time.  In regards to personal prayer requests and health updates – these will only be streamed with the consent of the individual in question. In regards to baptism, we will live stream only with the consent of the parents.  In regards to guest preaching, we will gain their permission to live stream the service in which they participate.


This sounds great, so what are the next steps? 

To begin live streaming here are our the next steps:

Step #1: Approval of the Administrative Board – done!

Step #2: Increase our copyright level with CCLI allowing us to live stream our singing – done!

Step #3: Work with Media Booth Supervisor, to install our BoxCast devise and get it installed – done! 

Step #4: Begin informing the congregation that we are going to start live streaming our services and make them aware of our safety protocols – in process. 

Step#5: Provide training to our video technicians and staff so they are aware on the proper methods of video/live stream a service – in process 

Step #6: Begin live streaming on Sunday, April 1, 2018