Howard and Jannie Johnson

Serving and Partnering with the Secwepemc First Nations

For thousands of years, the Secwepemc (Shuswap) People occupied an area of land measuring 56,000 square miles. They had their own economy, animistic religion, legal system, music, theatre, and a sophisticated language. By the mid-1800s the government of the British Crown deliberately infected villages with small pox. Thirteen of the thirty villages were completely wiped out.
 Though the Shuswap People have had contact with English speaking people for over 150 years, less than 2% profess faith in Jesus Christ. They are, in effect, an unreached people group.    Drugs, violence, and despair plague the Shuswap communities. Suicide is 2 ½ times greater than among non-native communities. The needs are great among the Shuswap People. Howard and Jannie have been reaching out to three different village groups, called Bands. They have been involved in learning the Shuswap Language and culture.
 God has given them favour with the communities in ever-greater measure each year. They use anything they can to build relationships with people. Some of the things they are involved in are: canoeing, archery, atlatl spear throwing, flint-knapping, learning about plants, cooking, sewing, serving community pancake breakfasts, participate in gatherings . . . just to name a few.  
:And pray for us too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ” .Colossians 4:3
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