5 part series on
‘Gateway Impacting Our Community’

It’s back! Gateway Vespers begins again on Sunday, January 29th looking at a 6-part series entitle “Gateway Impacting Culture” in both our church family and in the community in which we live. Vespers will take place on the last Sunday of the month for the next five months.  

Here what we have booked so far:

  • January 29th: “What happened to all the Refugees” with speaker Dena Nicolai—Chaplain and Refugee Support Mobilizer
  • February 26: “The homeless are moving into our neigbourhood – now what?” with speaker Rod Santiago from Abbotsford Community Services
  • March 26: “LGBTQ2 and the Church” with speaker Mary Lee Bouma, missionary in with downtown friends CRC in Vancouver.
  • April 23: ‘”Do the Crime – Serve the Time” Guest speaker Raymond Robin, Executive Director for M2W2 will be our guest speaker to talk about the realities of our local prison and the impact the Gospel has.  
  • May 28: Should Gateway host the Extreme Weather Shelter next winter? This past year the Extreme Weather Shelter was open for 78 days = normally it opens for 40 days! Come and join the conversation and we learn and grow together. 

Gateway Vespers will start at 6:00 pm in the Chapel for worship/discussion. The goal will be to wrap things up on time so the kids can still get to bed on time and you can still have Care Groups.  Activities will be provided for the children if/when the topic is not appropriate for younger ears. 

Come prepared to ask question of our speakers! 


Sunday,May 28 @ 6:00 in the Chapel: 
Guest speaker is Pastor Jesse Wegenast from 5 and 2 Ministries. 
Join as we hear stories of what life is like on the streets of Abbotsford and learn about Extreme Weather Shelters.