Gateway Meals

What is Gateway Meals: Gateway Meals is a way to make sure that those who just had a baby, dealing with any health or medical issues or dealing with the loss of a family member will have home-cooked meals. 
As a church family, we take care of each other! 
Galatians 5:13- but through love serve one another. 
Gateway Meals is a simple easy way to make sure that everyone who needs a meal will get one or more meals for their family. 
It’s a simple process. Fill in the form below and you will be contacted when it’s time to prepare a meal for a family. We are using  Danielle Funk and Amanda Bouwman, Gateway Meals Coordinators, will be in contact with you to go over the details.
This is an easy, simple and fun way to make everyone at Gateway Community feel a home!  

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