“Helping people to love and serve Jesus’

The Basic Concept

You are encouraged to pay for your everyday expenses & gifts with gift cards bought from FundScrip. Each purchase automatically includes a donation to Gateway’s “Inside Out-Outside In” campaign to support missions both locally and globally. 100% of the funds raised via “Inside Out-Outside In” goes directly to Gateway’s missional efforts in Abbotsford and beyond.
You as a supporter will not be out of pocket, and you can shop where you would normally shop. PLUS support our missional efforts!
It’s a win/win

Here’s how it works:

Buy $100, Get $100

Buy cards at face value, get face value at the retailers – you lose nothing

Shop As Usual

With cards from over 190 leading retailers, there’s no need to change your shopping habits

Pay With Gift Cards

Pay with gift cards instead of credit/debit/cash for your everyday items & gifts

Raise Funds

Each purchase automatically includes a donation for your group that can quickly add up over time

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The % attached with the business is what COMES BACK to Gateway. Check out the monthly promotions, print off the order form, fill it out, attach a cheque with your order and place in the BOX at the welcome center. Simple! 
Printable Order Form:
Printable Monthly Promotion Form :
Participating Retailers:
With the growing list of leading retailers, you can find gift cards for the basics like groceries and gas but, fundscrip also carries a large variety of other categories including: pharmacy, home improvement, department store, restaurants, pizza, coffee shops, household items, clothing stores, movies & books, travel, and more. All gift cards come from the retailers themselves; so you can be certain they’ll be accepted when you use them.
Step by Step Instructions:

Fill in the paper order form and place it along with your payment in April Vaandrager’s mailbox.

Our “Inside Out – Outside In’ Coordinator, April Vaandrager will place your order via Fundscrip. Orders will be monthly!

Your order will be packaged in its own envelope. 

You will be notified by email when your order arrives and you can pick it up at the Welcome Center on Sunday morning.