To aid families with young children we offer an adult supervised nursery during church services and during Wednesday morning Coffee Break ministry for women. The nursery is a safe and loving environment with a security-minded check in/out system to give all parents peace of mind. On Sunday mornings, when you register your child, you will be given a security wristband with a number that identifies your child. If for any reason we need to call you, your number will be displayed on two screens at the front of the auditorium. Please come and pick up your children immediately following the service. You will need your wristband to do so. 
Children ages 0—3 are welcome.
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Kidz Church

Kidz Church is a fun filled program available during Sunday morning worship services for children age 3—Grade 3.  The children are invited for a children’s message during the worship service and then are dismissed to room 205, upstairs in the education wing. They enjoy group singing before dividing into age groups for Bible stories and crafts. Guests are encouraged to accompany their children to the sign in area in the lobby before the service so that the supervisors can meet you. Please register your child and pick up their name tag at “Noah’s Ark’ in the front lobby. 


Kidz Church with new exciting plans! 

We’ve had a BUSY year, full of fantastic teachers and helpers and many eager students.  Our group is growing monthly, and we are up to almost 100 kids ages 3 to Grade 3!  We have expanded into new rooms and will be starting a new class in the fall.  We have been racking our brains to come up with a way to get enough teachers for the year without having to constantly ask through the bulletin or email.  We have put a ton of thought and prayer into this, and hope you will pray for us and we continue with this new plan for the fall.  Pray for willing hearts, open minds and an awesome community spirit to propel this into action!


4 to 5 teachers per grade on a team together.  Within the team, the teachers will be able to make up their schedule.  They can rotate through, so that they teach at the most, once a month.  Or they can teach a couple weeks at a time, or a full month.  If someone is sick, they would be able to call a member of their team and switch for another week.

There are 7 classes set up for the fall.  This will help with classroom size and leave room for more growth.  This means we need 35 teachers to sign up!

If we can get 5 people signed up per class, the commitment is teaching 7 or 8 weeks of the school year (September 13 to June 19).  Kindergarten to Grade 3 does not have Kidz Church during Christmas or Spring Break.

What are the classes? 

  • 3 year olds – Very low key, simple story and coloring or craft.  Lots of room and toys to play with. Around 12 children.
  • 4 years – A little more structured, but toys for playtime in classroom.  Around 8 – 10 children
  • 4/5 years, Kindergarten, Grade 1 – Classroom setting.  Around 8-10 children
  • 2 – Grade 2/3 classes – Classroom setting.  Around 13 children

  What does it take to be a teacher?

Willingness!!  We will provide you with everything you need to teach.  There is a large storage room full of craft supplies, and the Kidz Church Team will be upstairs every week to assist you in any way.  Each class also has a junior helper to make things run smooth.

We love it when parents of kids in Kidz Church teach, but hope to see others as well.  Youth make awesome teachers!  As well as grandparents!! If you can’t volunteer during the week because of work, give this a go! If you have a desire to serve, this a great place to start!

Gateway requires that you are a member or adherent in good standing, that you have taken Safe Church training, and that you complete a FREE criminal check through the church’s website.

Will you be part of a team? Contact the church office to sign up!  Thank you so much, Kidz Church Team  

All Children’s Ministry Leaders have been screened through BC Ministry of Justice Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check. Children need to be picked up and signed out from their classrooms after the service.